Site : 0.005 {prototype . measure}

Posted on February 28, 2011


I visited the site on Friday to determine the best site for the cafe. I reconsidered placing the cafe in the front of the visitor’s center, but i decided that the negatives outweigh the positives. The traffic on river road, and the disconnected nature of the space made it ill-suited for a cafe, despite its high visibility. The nature of the river side of the visitor’s center is a design issue I will have to account for in other aspects of the project.

I decided the best place for the cafe would be on the capitol side of the visitor’s center. The space behind the building is currently unused. The back of the building has no windows, only a service access door. I decided the atmosphere in the back of the visitor’s center and the logistics of movement for patrons, servers and deliveries would make the rear of the visitor’s center the ideal location.

A small turf area off the circle is the ideal size for a small cafe. I measured the length and width of it and found it was 50′ by 20′. Then I researched and measured how much room 2 people at a 36″ table would need to sit comfortably. Once I had all of the dimensions, I drafted my proposal for the seating in AutoCAD and diagrammed the process.